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The "Best Of Readers' Choice Awards" is a great way to show support for your favorite wines and wineries. The results of our balloting will appear in the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Virginia Wine Lover Magazine. Thanks for all of you who voted for us in the past and hope you will vote again!


We are just now seeing the first signs of veraison in the vineyard. What does that mean?  Notice the Concord grapes are turning pink and purple. This is a pretty important stage in winegrowing marking the countdown to harvest.

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Why do you plant roses at the ends of the grapevine rows?"

The sun is shining, we have had rain, our vines are growing and beginning to bloom, and a few roses are starting to open buds. The birds are singing! It’s a great time to tour the vineyards and winery and enjoy the great outdoors.

MountainRose Vineyard is now offering customizable picnic baskets for the summer! Give as a gift, use it for a special occasion, and more!

What is a wine competition? 
It is a “blind” tasting by wine experts of large numbers of wines to determine their relative quality on a certain date.

We certainly know how important the environment surrounding the wine experience is.  Food pairing is often critical to the wine tasting because of the interactions with the wine.  Music and wine both affect us at basic psychological levels. But really, wine and music pairing?


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