Winter at the Vineyard

January is our slowest time at the winery. David filters wine, some blending, and we do planning for the coming year.  The grape vines are very dormant and its been too cold to winter prune. The cold weather this January makes me want something warm.   My Mother made vegetable soup with fresh cornbread in the winter and I can still smell and taste that soup made from tomatoes we grew the summer before. As much as I love vegetable soup, you don’t want to eat it every day. This has certainly been a winter for soup or something hot! 

Here is a quick and easy “almost home made” recipe for tomato soup that will make everyone think you cooked all day.  You can prepare it in 15 minutes while you are making yummy grilled cheeses sandwiches to go with the soup. Sit by the fireplace after dinner and enjoy sipping a nice glass of wine.

Tomato Soup Florentine