What’s Up with the Rain and the Grapes?

This summer everyone asks,  “What is the effect of all this rain on the grapes?” Is it good for the grapes?
Grapes grow fine in dry weather climates so the short answer is that the grapes don’t really need this much rainfall. The longer answer is that more rainfall causes David and the vineyard workers to have to prune off a lot more excess foliage.
Secondly, we have to spray more often to keep away disease and this costs us more money and takes more time.  Third, too much rainfall creates compaction of the soil when you drive the tractors in the vineyard. Fourth, the excess rain can cause grapes to have more water at harvest and decreases the sugar levels. The grapes have gone through veraison and are gaining sugar now, so we hope to see less rain. Finally, really wet soil over a long period of time could drown your vines if they are not on well-drained soil.
We are holding our own and don’t expect adverse effects on the grapes. The end of August, September and early October are the critical months so we are hoping for a changed weather pattern after dog days. So we are with most of you, 'Rain! Rain! Go away and come again another day!'