Picnic Wines for the 4th!

When we think about the 4th of July, and we all think picnics! Picnics are all about the food, company, and of course, the perfect wine to pair with all of that. (Before we talk picnic wines, keep in mind that picnic wines are not the same as barbeque wine.)

Remember all of your favorite picnic foods? Potato salad, cold fried chicken, cheeses and crackers, fresh bread or sandwiches, ripe fruit in season, etc. Picnics include lots of variety, especially if they are covered dish family affairs. So what are the best picnic wines? Well, I would strongly recommend that you think cool, crisp, and white/rosé or very light red.

Let's talk about white wines. Crisp, delicious white wines and you can keep them cool with freezer sleeves that can slide over bottles. I think crisp wines like Riesling, Pinot Gris, and MRV’s  new Splashdam and Blair are bright, acidic, and loaded with crisp citrus fruit and minerality. Lighter white wines like this make the food come to life while refreshing your palate.

Rosé wines, like Darby Blush, are among my all-time favorite summertime sippers. They are also served chilled, so slide a freezer sleeve over this wine, too. It's also acidic, but the red wine it's made from offers a little more melon/strawberry/red fruit qualities that pair well with many food types.

Pardee Red
 is a great red that’s a perfect picnic wine, especially for the non-white wine drinkers out there. And don't forget about that wonderful Sangria recipe!