It's Maple Syrup Time!

Thanks to the many guests who joined us for tours & tastings, a variety of pancakes, maple syrup, cotton candy and other delicious maple treats at our recent Maple Syrup Fest!  We boiled more than 2000 gallons of sap this year to produce over 28 total gallons of golden goodness. We are happy to say it is now available for sale at the winery! Creamy and delicious…we can’t wait for you to taste and enjoy!

Maple sap is more likely to flow in January and February at MountainRose. Harvesting from the variety of maples surrounding our vineyard, we ran 350 taps through roughly 4000 feet of tubing to collect this year. Approximately 65 gallons of raw sap, produced one gallon of Maple Syrup! This is one reason it has been cherished by our family for years. We love the taste of hard work!

Be sure to stop by to enjoy the sweet taste of our Southwest Virginia mountains! 16oz. jugs of Maple Syrup are available for $12.00 each, and our Sorghum Syrup is also available – 16oz. for $9.00 or by the quart for $15.00!