Commonwealth Quality Alliance

More good news arrived as the Virginia Wineries Association introduced the "Commonwealth Quality Alliance" program or "CQA". Established to reward and increase awareness of Virginia-grown wines, the program intends to raise the bar of Virginia wine quality and showcase the choice wines of the state.

Local only to the state of Virginia, CQA wines also assure that the consumer is getting a sound well-made wine. MountainRose Vineyards has become one of 13 Virginia wineries, out of 220, to be analyzed and approved by the Alliance. Located in Richmond, the CQA is endorsed by the Virginia Vineyards Association and the Virginia Winery Distribution Company.

The CQA logo is a seal of approval and denotes which wines are 100% grown, produced and bottled in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are proud and honored to be among the first group of vintners to receive this high standard of classification. Look for their logo in the future and proudly say, "Make Mine, Virginia Wine!"