The envy of all Sangria! A party must-have!
A delicious mixer with our award winning Blair White! 
Enjoy this delicious slushie recipe with Sweet MountainRose, Blair or our sparkly Kelliokee! 
These are so good you will want to try them all!  Follow the basic recipe with the options to make different flavors! Use the Celestial Seasoning fruit tea samplers to mix it up!
Incredibly delicious soup recipe featuring our Dorchester Red! 
Cook's Note: Serves 6 to 8 people. I chopped my basil in a one cup blender. I also added a little salt and pepper. Serve with sprinkles of fresh parmesan cheese or fresh basil leaf on top. This is my favorite tomato soup!
Great Riesling Wine Recipe
Our wonderful recipe of a family favorite! 
"Almost as good as homemade!"
Great for the holidays
A wonderful salad to enjoy with Blair White wine.
Dorchester Red Steak Marinade 
Great Recipe for Sweet MountainRose Wine!
A great recipe for pouring over Sweet MountainRose Cake or Icecream. 
A great dessert recipe for our Autumn Gold!
Here is a quick and easy “almost home made” recipe for tomato soup that will make everyone think you cooked all day.  You can prepare it in 15 minutes while you are making yummy grilled cheeses sandwiches to go with the soup. Sit by the fireplace after dinner and enjoy sipping a nice glass of wine.
A wonderful deeply marinated creation for the holidays or anytime! 
A delicious vinaigrette from our own apple cider! 
A wonderful fall recipe with Autumn Gold.
Great for a fall treat!