Some of our favorite uses for fresh mint! 
A delicious treat that pairs nicely with Splashdam White or Autumn Gold! 
One of our favorites! Enjoy for breakfast, dinner or as a snack! 
Red Wine Crockpot Roast
Red wine adds depth of flavor to this comforting beef stew that's simmered for hours
Wonderful recipe using our MountainRose Vineyard Riesling!
Great recipe with our Splashdam White wine!
A perfect dessert for your Valentine or for yourself!
This is truly a tasty recipe made with our Blair White wine!  
A fun "wine mint julep" cocktail with Darby Blush!
Great Recipe with our Riesling or Blair white wine!
Great white wine recipe! Marinate, Marinate, Marinate! 
Great Fruit Salad Recipe!
Great recipe for our Splashdam White wine!
A wonderful recipe for our Concord grapes, available in September! 
Enjoy this warm chocolate cocoa treat using our delicious Jawbone Red!
Rosted Lamb with Wine and Honey best served with our Riesling or Blair wine
A wonderful summer lemon wine cake made with our Blair wine.
Make breakfast a breeze & prepare this incredible dish the night before! Rise, Shine & Yummy! 
You will love Suzanne’s Easy Maple-Cinnamon Oatmeal! Especially with MountainRose Maple Syrup! Nom Nom! 
A new tasty twist on an old favorite! 
Perfect for the Holiday Season
Great for special holiday meals!
Party with Pardee Red!
Much healthier than store or restaurant pizza because you have a whole-grain crust, plenty of vegetables, and a reasonable amount of cheese. Kids can make this in a toaster oven!
A wonderful dessert to serve with our Darby Blush wine!
Bear Creek Hard Cider pork tenderloin delight! 
A pork recipe with our wonderful Pardee.
"A delicious garlic and tomato sauce covers tender pork cutlets. Serve with crusty bread, a leafy salad, and maybe a side of buttered pasta with a little of the sauce on top. Terrific and fast."
Enjoy this yummy side dish and share to impress your guests! 
Surprise your family with this incredible breakfast treat that could double as dessert for dinner! 
Great for St. Pat's, Super Bowl or entertaining guests!
A wonderful drink to celebrate Independence Day!
Don't forget your green this year!