Chicken Breast - White Wine Pan Seared


Great recipe with our Splashdam White wine!


chicken breasts (can substitute with 8 chicken tenders)
1 clv
garlic (minced)
shallot (minced)
3 T
splashdam white wine
4 T
sweet cream butter (cubed)
1⁄4 c
heavy cream
1 pn
coarse salt/cracked pepper


Coat chicken with salt/pepper and sear both sides in olive oil in skillet. Remove chicken and finish roasting in a 350˚F oven until internal temperature is 165˚F. Deglaze skillet with a splash of wine. Then add garlic and shallot and sauté in butter until fragrant. Add remaining wine and reduce until almost dry (au sec). Add cream and reduce by 2/3. Finish out with 4 TBSP cubed butter off heat. Once butter is incorporated serve immediately. Serve with Traminette at dinner. 


You may substitute 8 chicken tenders and completely cook them in the skillet and remove. It won’t be as showy but it is much simpler. Garnish with cheery tomatoes and fresh basil leaves and it will be just a pretty.