Picnic Basket Order Form

MountainRose Vineyards is now offering picnic baskets to enjoy during the summer. Order one as a gift, as special date, a birthday surprise, or any occasion!

We are creating some lovely new picnic spots on the winery grounds. To make it even easier for you, we will pack your picnic basket and have it ready within an hour after you call (276) 328-2013. You can also mix and match some ideas from the baskets. Available May 15 and throughout the summer.

We currently have three options available. Gift baskets are $25 including tax; Wine or drinks priced separately.

Option 1:
Turkey Wrap
Fresh Vegetable and Dip
Fruit (apples, pears, or grapes)
Chocolate Bars

Option 2:
Chicken Salad Pita
Fruit (apples, pears, or grapes)
Zesty Lemon Cookies

Option 3:
Crackers & Firm Chees (Cheddar or Colby)
Summer Sausage
Fresh Vegetables and Dip
Corn Chips and Salsa
Fruit (apples, pears, or grapes)
Zesty Lemon Cookies

When would you like to have the picnic basket ready?
Please feel free to provide any additional notes or details.