Wine for your Thanksgiving Dinner

Celebrate a great Thanksgiving feast this year with wine. Whether you tend toward reds, whites, or blushes, there's something at MountainRose Vineyards for everyone and everything -- even dessert!

By tradition, more wine is sold for Thanksgiving Day dinner than for any other meal of the year in spite of the fact that choosing a single wine for Thanksgiving is difficult, given the great variety of foods and flavors. You may want to serve a little of several different types of wine so guests can taste a wine with different dishes. There are no hard-and-fast rules for picking the right red or white wine. Whether you favor whites or reds; lighter, livelier, less complex wines go better with the traditional Thanksgiving feast than heavier, more complicated ones.

Here's some suggestions that are perfect with turkey and all the fixings

For those who prefer white wine we recommend Splashdam or Blair.  Both of these are lighter body wines with citrusy flavors contrast with the heaviness of some of the foods.

And Yes, you can serve lighter red wines with turkey and they have long been the classic choice for Thanksgiving because light berry brightness contrasts well with the heartiness of the traditional menu. Consider Dorchester or even Pardee.  You might want to try both lightly chilled.

Not happy yet, Try Darby Blush with its Crisp, light, and fruity flavors. This rose’ might be just the thing to serve especially if you are going to only one wine and of course, serve it chilled. With Dessert, nothing is better than Autumn Gold. For more great holiday wine information from one of my favorite sites,