Wine Trends in 2017

Last year, the Millennials were being watched closely for changes in the wine industry and again this year they are playing a key role-out drinking the baby boomer generation. They are much more free spirited and drink what they like, not being ruled by opinions of the “wine snobs” and many love a glass a day.

Wine Slushies

Wine Slushies (wine, fruit, and ice blends) have recently caught the attention of consumers of the “DIY” world via Pinterest. They will most likely be on the menus at local restaurants and bars all over the country soon. Can you imagine having a wine slushy with your favorite meal while you’re out? Yum! I have included a recipe to try at home in our February newsletter.

Millennial Women

Women of the millennial age drink more sustainable, organic wines and it’s no surprise that biodynamic, organic and minimal intervention or “natural wines” are up and coming. Either way the “natural” wines are made, they are becoming a popular choice on the shelf. Who wouldn’t want to support sustainability? David, our winemaker, began preaching sustainability when we began reclaiming our land for farming over a decade ago.

On-premise wine sales are on a decline, while off-premise wine sales are on an incline. People want to drink wine by the bottle at home, rather than spend a little extra money on a glass of wine while they’re out. Wine lovers, you have every reason to be excited about for 2017 as we bring out three new wines, soon! So sit back, relax and pour yourself a glass!