Wine Storage Tips and Tricks

Wine improves with age, but when it comes to storing your wine do you know what to do? Here are a few tips and tricks for long-term, at-home wine storage…

1.    Keep the wine still. Avoid moving the bottle after it has been stored. Keep in mind that any kind of movement, including small vibrations, can negatively affect the wine.

2.    Avoid sunlight. UV rays can cause wine to spoil prematurely giving them an unpleasant smell and flavor.

3.    Store your wine in a cool place with a consistent temperature. Although an occasional temperature change won’t affect the wine, extreme heat for an extended period of time (like a week-long heat wave) can. The optimal wine storage temperature is 55°F.

4.  If your wine has a cork, store the bottle on its side. It is important for the wine to be in contact with the cork to avoid having the cork dry out and exposing your wine to oxygen.