What's New in Wines for 2016?

A review of recent news articles indicate that the very fact that we are asking this question is a new trend.  For many years, wine consumption was determined and somewhat controlled by wine experts who felt that the classic old-world wines and wine styles were the best. In addition, many consumers depended on opinions of these experts.  This is less true than ever before. Every one has an opinion today, especially the millennial generation.

Partly because of the influence of the new millennial generation’s style of choosing and drinking what they like, many new and different wines are successful in the market. Many different varieties from all over the world are being consumed. We also hear the same question, ”What’s new?”  We recently began making a wine from Concord grapes that we can’t seem to make enough.  We hope to grow more Concord and Rkatsiteli grapes this year, an example of how we are responding to this trend.

Sweeter wines have also been trending higher in sales. Some folks are branching out, beer drinkers are now enjoying wine and vice versa.  Hard ciders are trending and we at MountainRose are asking you again, “Would you like to see us make a cider?” Let us know what you think!

Certain wines will be trending in 2016, and the predictions indicate that the biggest one is going to be Cabernet Franc!

The most important red grape of France's Loire Valley (itself attracting buzz), cab franc is a rising star in Chile, California, Washington State, Argentina, the Finger Lakes, Virginia, and South Africa. Why? It's highly versatile and makes fragrant, elegant wines with earthy, spicy, herbal notes with a food-friendly tingly acidity. Try our award winning Cab Franc in 2016.

There are more wine trends predicted, such as more wine by the glass, luxury tours, natural wines, celebrity wines and the rise of wine trucks. The New Year is full of new and exciting possibilities that we look forward to sharing with you!