What's New?

One of the most frequently asked question by our regular customers is, “What’s new?” In the past, people would not have asked this question, since many found a wine they liked and stayed with it.  Today’s wine drinkers are more adventurous.

As I mentioned in an earlier newsletter, the rise of sweeter wines and in particular, sparkling wines like Moscato, is one of the biggest trends for 2016.

A sparkling white wine is deliciously sweet, slightly bubbly (aka frizzante), usually displaying delicate summer fruit flavors and a light, fresh taste.

We would like this frizzante style to be our next, “What’s new?” wine. What’s holding us back? This style wine requires new equipment, bottles, caps and capping machine-some pretty expensive stuff!  But you can help us. We are applying for a Value Added Producer Grant through the USDA.  We need some letters of support from our consumers.  If you are willing to help, I will send you a draft letter and you can add to it your own thoughts and it will help support out grant!   Just click here and we will send you a draft. 

Thanks in advance, as we know we have the best customers and friends any business could have!!!!