Thanksgiving Dinner Delights

Wine makes any Thanksgiving meal not only classy, but it enhances your food. You can also slow down the meal, so folks have more time to talk and enjoy themselves and appreciate the hard work that’s put into making your holiday dinner. Here are a few suggested pairings.  

You can’t go wrong with wassail or mulled wine before dinner. We have the spice packs and recipes available here at the winery and you can grab a bottle of Pardee, Concord or Sweet MountainRose to mull and enjoy.

If you are having a traditional baked turkey with herbed flavorings, try a bottle of MountainRose’s Jawbone Red. The nutty “spicy” flavors of this dry wine will pair with it perfectly. Do you prefer white wine? No problem. Splashdam’s crisp finish and citrusy taste will bring out the best in your turkey.

Also having spiral sliced glazed honey ham? Try Dorchester Red with a hint of sweetness and fruity flavors to match the glazed sauce. If perhaps you’ve used the whole packet of brown sugar and spices, then sweet Pardee Red is your wine.  

Dessert anyone? Apple pie pairs best with Riesling. Pumpkin pie with its sweetness and spices, is crying out for Autumn Gold and it makes the best sinful delight you will have all day!