A Thankful Harvest

Our crop of 2018 is in!  We have time now to give our thanks to the people who work together to make our wine.  Anyone who grew anything this year knows it has been one of the most difficult growing seasons since 1996. A record rainfall of 7 feet this growing season and constantly concealed sunshine, truly tested even the best. This year there are stories about vineyards losing their crops, wineries cutting production or only making a few wines. We also had a smaller harvest than usual, only processing a little more than 14 tons losing some to animals, some to the weather and some to replanting different varieties. Wines tasted from this year’s harvest however, appear to have great potential despite the weather! 

We are thankful to all the family, friends and volunteers who helped us pick grapes before the first hurricane, the second hurricane and the following storm front!  Thanks to David and Jessica who worked all through the growing season doing multiple jobs to protect the grapes from animals, bugs, fungus, black rot, SWD….you get the idea. We are especially thankful to all our great customers and friends who keep us in business by enjoying the end result of all this work!

We were also pleased with our three medal winning wines in August; Kelliokee, Splashdam and Bear Creek cider! We look forward to more competitive wines from this year’s harvest. Speaking of award-winning wines, Autumn Gold is one of the biggest with over a dozen Silver, Gold & Best of Show medals! Enjoy this ‘Best of the Best’ in November. Autumn Gold is featured and on sale as our Wine of the Month!