Regenerative Herb Farming at MountainRose Vineyards

You may have seen the peppermint cuttings that we are rooting on our Facebook page and wondered, "Are they going to make peppermint wine!?” No, not yet, but we might make an elderberry wine sometime.

We are partnering with ASD, Appalachia for Sustainable Development (Abingdon), and LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics (Canada) to produce herbs including whole elderflower, cut peppermint leaves, and cut nettle leaves.  

We will be using regenerative practices that contribute to generating/building soil, soil fertility and increased biodiversity. Hopefully, this venture will also diversify our business and serve as a public demonstration site for regenerative mine land for the local farming community and visitors.

We will invite you out to celebrate this new venture this summer. Just remember, we are talking about stinging nettles! The story continues.... 

(We do have a few Peppermints for purchase, please call us- while supplies last!)