The New World of Wine

Here is a short quiz to test your knowledge of wine in the worldwide market. Answer true or false to each statement below.

  1. The world is drinking more wine than ever, thanks mostly to the U. S. A., China, and Russia.
  2. Wine has never been more popular in the US, particularly with the younger generation.
  3. In China and much of Asia, wine drinking is seen as novel, modish, and sophisticated.
  4. In France and Europe’s wine producing countries, wine is old hat and less exciting than beer, spirits, and sodas.
  5. The U.S.A. is the third biggest wine importer.
  6. China is now the world’s fifth biggest producer and consumer of wine.
  7. The British consume on average 20 liters per captita with the US consumption at 9 liters or about 1case per person.
  8. According to the wine guru, Janis Robinson, wine quality worldwide has never been better.
  9. China, Australia, and Chile have been planting new grape vines like mad while traditional European Countries have decreased vines under cultivation.
  10. MountainRose Vineyard wines are now available in 5 counties, 1 city, and at 16 locations including the winery.


All the statements above are true.If you answered true for all of them, then consider yourself a Wine Aficionada. Have yourself a glass of wine to celebrate.