Music to Drink with MountainRose Vineyards' Wines

We certainly know how important the environment surrounding the wine experience is.  Food pairing is often critical to the wine tasting because of the interactions with the wine.  Music and wine both affect us at basic psychological levels. But really, wine and music pairing?

Wine industry provocateur, Clark Smith, believes music influences the way wine tastes, see more. This is the reason professional tastings are done in silence. If food, glassware, ambient temperature, perfume and the people sitting next to you all influence the taste of wine, why wouldn't music? Smith spent months with tasting panels sampling 150 different wines with 250 different songs to find harmonies and discordances which he will be presenting to industry groups.

I was amazed to see how much research has been done on this topic and an article written by the BPS Research Digest found “when people drink wine to the accompaniment of music, they perceive the wine to have taste characteristics that reflect the nature of that concurrent music”.

Some articles even suggested certain wines were “better” when consumed with classical music while others might better fit the Rolling Stones. Immediately, my thoughts went to a local music group, Folk Soul Revival, who wrote and recorded a song about Jawbone Red that really seemed to fit.

There has been a suggestion that we should go beyond food pairing and suggest music pairings for our wine. I don’t know about you but this sounds like fun if nothing else. Send me your favorite wines and the music pairing by email and we will give you 10% off your next winery purchase.  We will compile a listing of “Music to Drink with MountainRose Vineyards Wine” and post for everyone’s enjoyment.