Merry Christmas from the Vineyard!

We hope you enjoy this little Christmas card picture from our winery family to yours! Christmas is all about family, fun, love, and giving.

Here is David, our winemaker, and his family. David in his family life loves to garden, coaches soccer for the 4 to 6 year olds, and is active in his church. Brandi, his wife, has a sign posted by their back door that says, “Behind every successful farmer is a wife that works in town!” Although Brandi is the lovely faux “Italian beauty” on our rack cards, in real life she is a physical therapist who does indeed work in town!

Mia is their oldest daughter who is in second grade.  She loves to sing, dance, play soccer, builds with Legos and loves her animals: a hamster, fish, a rabbit, a cat, and the vineyard dog, Concord. Amanda is in PreK this year and she sings, dances, plays soccer and has a personality as flamboyant as her red hair.  Mia shows potential for tours and marketing, and Amanda loves the equipment like the tractor and fork lift. Growing up on vineyard and winery has provided wonderful experiences for them!