How to Choose Your Wine Glass

The type of wine glass you use makes a difference in how much you will enjoy your wine since size and shape of glasses affect the way you taste. There are many different types of wine glasses, of varying styles, quality and price. It's not necessary to spend big bucks, but following a few simple guidelines will help you choose wisely.

When choosing wine glasses, pay attention to the glass, which must be plain and clear to enjoy the wine’s color. The color can impart information about the wine, giving clues to the grapes used or the age of the wine.  

Make sure that you select glasses which are of a sufficient size. The bowl should be large enough to allow a fair measure to be poured, while leaving enough room for the wine to be gently swirled without spilling. This swirling action is to release aromas from the wine. The glass benefits from having a stem to ensure that warmth from the hand does not increase the temperature of a wine that has been served chilled. 

Good wine glasses taper in somewhat at the top, so that the opening is narrower than the bowl. This tapered shape serves to concentrate the aromas towards the nose when the swirling action releases the aromas.

Most wine drinkers could quite adequately get by with just two or three different types of wine glasses- a standard glass for whites, something a little larger, perhaps, for reds, and of course a flute or similar style for Champagne or sparkling wine. Pour yourself a glass and enjoy!