The Harvest of 2013

MountainRose Vineyards picked and processed a record crop of 62,758 pounds of grapes, over 31 Tons. We had grapes come in with near perfect ripening brix, acid and PH and wonderful aromas.  Look for some future award winning wines. Harvest 2013

The grape growing season of 2013 has been a challenge with record rainfall which caused record growth resulting in more growth, more fruit, more disease potential, more possible compaction in the vineyard from more spraying, etc.  You get the idea-MORE WORK!

Then our Merciful Lord made the sun to shine in September and October and we had a wonderful harvest over a long period of time from early September until October 24.  We processed 31.5 tons of grapes including some from our growers in Lee County, Jared Taylor and Bob Bost, as well as some from Vincent’s Vineyard. We picked 24 tons in our vineyards with some paid and volunteer help. My brother Doug and his wife, Laura Wyatt  were volunteers with the most hours picking. Thanks to them and our other volunteers.

We are making wine this harvest from 14 varieties including some exciting varieties we and our partners are growing including reds: Tannat, Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, Corot Noir and white: Rkatsiteli. The wines are largely fermented and have great promise for future new wines.  Unfortunately, we will have to wait a year or longer to taste the finished products.

Finally, the most exciting growth at MountainRose Vineyards yet.  Check out our new wine maker apprentice, Amanda, and her Dad pressing wine to go into barrels.  There was a little spilled! We will be featuring some of our staff in future articles including our newest marketing consultant, 7 year old Mia Grace!