Happy Days are Here Again!

The sun is shining, we have had rain, our vines are growing and beginning to bloom, and a few roses are starting to open buds. The birds are singing! It’s a great time to tour the vineyards and winery and enjoy the great outdoors.  All teachers never quit teaching, thus a little lesson on grape blooms--

In the picture, you will see the next crucial step after bud break, which is "flowering". The little cluster near my thumb still has the little floret caps over the bloom.  The cluster to the right of my thumb with the little white pistils showing has just started the fertilization & pollination process. The cluster most right and at bottom has completed the process, some grape berries have formed and "fruit set" has begun. This stage is critical for wine production since it determines the potential crop yield. Call us to learn more, schedule a tour, and maybe a picnic.