Beautiful Vines...No Grapes?

The Concord vines are so lovely this year. But wait.......Something is missing!

Yes, unfortunately almost all the grapes in Wise were lost due to three nights of 28-degree weather back in early May.  Sorry to say, but we will have no public Grape U-pick this September.

We have also been getting phone calls about apples and pears. Unfortunately, we have no apples, pears, peaches, or plums either. The freeze even killed the gooseberries! We have been so desperate for homemade applesauce, that we’ve paid $32 for a peach basket of apples. (But so worth it!)

We will have some fruit at our Grace Vineyards in Russell County, so thankfully we will have enough to produce more wine!

We will sadly miss the hundreds of families, friends and neighbors stopping by in September for our amazingly delicious grapes, so let's hope for a bumper crop next year! 

Thanks again to everyone for helping us by continuing to shop local! We think we all deserve a bumper crop next year, in more ways than one. Cheers!