Basic Rules for Wine Storage

We are often asked about storing wine and here are a few basic wine rules for ideal storage. The longer you keep your wines before opening the bottle, the more important it is to follow the rules for the best tasting product.

1. Store wines in a dark area to avoid becoming “light struck” which causes   an unpleasant aroma.

2. The temperature should be kept constant.

3. Wines should not be stored next to an exterior wall.

4. Bottles with cork enclosures need to be stored on their sides and kept as still as possible, if corked.

5. Humidity should be kept around 70% to minimize evaporation, if corked.

6. Wine needs to be isolated from other food items while in storage, if corked.

7. Red wines may be stored/aged 2 or more years at temps around 58 degree F.

8. Most white wines are suitable to drink within 2 to 3 years of aging and should be stored between 55-60 degrees F.

 9. When bottles are opened, leftover wine may be stored in a fridge for to 2-5 days. The fuller the bottle, the longer the wine will keep. There are also products that help preserve your leftover wines, so ask us.

10. The longer your wine is stored, the shorter it will last after it is opened.

You may have noticed that wines that are corked are more particular about storage. Save yourself the headache and buy MountainRose Wines when possible!