Are you Okie-Dokie with Kelliokee?

Since her release in November, “Kelliokee” our sparkling white wine, has gathered quite a following! Not your typical champagne, prosecco or Moscato, Kelliokee has a dazzling fruit-forward nose and a sweet finish. Kelliokee is quite unique AND she has a best friend, or BFF!

If you are already a fan of our sweet delicious Concord wine, you must try this trending combo. Fans of both Kelliokee and Concord have been combining both wines, 50/50, to create what they have named, “The Okie-Dokie”! So popular is this creative cocktail, customers often come back to the vineyard to purchase more bottles after sharing it with friends, and watching it disappear!

Please be sure to ask for your own tasting of this delicious duo! Visit us during the month of August to save 10% on Kelliokee and enjoy "The Okie-Dokie", a winning combination!