Become a vigneron without investing a million dollars! You can adopt a beautiful MountainRose Vineyard’s grapevine and feel the romance of the vines. Experience first-hand the annual cycle of the vine through all 4 seasons. Understand a year in the life of a vine, the smell of the earth, the warmth of the sun, the dirt under your fingernails and enjoy a bottle of wine from your very own vine. Or relax and just enjoy the benefits of membership. If you enjoy drinking wine and want to understand more about it, Adopt-a-Vine is for you!  

Spring is fast approaching.  We are planting more new Riesling vines this April and are rooting new Chambourcin, Vidal Blanc, and Concord vines to be planted. We continue to work on two new fields at the top of the vineyard for more vines in future years. Many wineries offer an Adopt-a-Vine program to their customers and we are considering offering one.

When you Adopt-a-Vine you will receive an adoption certificate and your vine will be tagged and numbered or named. Activities might include Hands-On Days that give you the opportunity to go into the vineyard and learn how to plant and prune a vine, manage the canopy and learn its importance. Learn how to estimate the potential yield of the crop and the benefits of that information before harvest. You can check sugar levels of the grapes and be part of the harvest team. Go behind the scenes to see how the wine is actually made and sample yet to be released wines and wine from your vine!

Tell us what you think! Give us your feedback and suggestions on what kind of Adopt-a-Vine program would be most suited to our vineyard, its fans and loyal customers like you!