Wine Club

We will be accepting new Wine Club members beginning January 15th, 2017.

Why Join MountainRose Vineyards’ Wine Club?

Whether you are a seasoned wine enthusiast or are new to world of wine, joining the wine club is a great idea. Our wine club is dedicated to providing great wines at great prices. You may also get wines that are sometimes unavailable to the general public. Our wine club provides flexibility in the types of wines you can choose because we recognize that taste in wine varies. This is your club, your way. You can get sweet, dry or a mix, as well as red or white wines. As a MountainRose Wine Club member, you will receive the added value of a top quality product in the convenience of your home; all at significant cost savings.  Shipping will average around $20 per shipment, or join us for a Pick-Up Party at the winery for additional specials and savings!

Which MountainRose Wine Taste is for You? 

traditionalist wine club at MountainRose VineyardTraditionalist

Traditionalists are those who like dry red and white wines with slight preference for red. If you find that you prefer more old world style wines and varietals, plus love wines aged in oak barrels that are typically not sweet, this is your taste!  Wines: Splashdam, Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Jawbone Red.

Sweetheart wine Club at MountainRose VineyardSweetheart

Sweet and semi-sweet wines for those who know they like it sweet!  Sweethearts enjoy the ever popular Sweet MountainRose and ultimate award-winning dessert wine, Autumn Gold. They are also sometimes in the mood for the lighter semi-sweets, Traminette & Blair or the best-selling sweet Pardee Red.


Miners Wine Club at MountainRose Vineyard

Miner’s Choice

Our classic wines make up our “Mines to Wines” Series and include a nice mix of white, red, and blush. These wines are unique to our vineyard and are named for local historic seams of coal. If you like a little surprise and variety, and have a versatile taste, this is for you.  Wines: Splashdam, Blair White, Darby Blush, Jawbone Red, Dorchester and Pardee Red.

Join the Club, Count the Benefits!

2016 MRV Wine Club Benefits & Privileges

  • Membership is free!

  • Six bottles of your choice 3 times a year- Join us for a Pick-Up Party, or have them shipped*

  • Complimentary Wine Tastings for you and up to 6 friends, 6 times a year

  • Private Tour, including Wine Tasting at the Winery for you and up to 8 friends, 2 times a year

  • Club member newsletters with sale specials and private events

  • 10% Discount on tasting room wine purchases , 15% Discount when you buy 6 bottles or more

  • Additional 10% off all monthly specials and existing discounts

  • No packaging or handling fees-only the cost of shipping by FedEx

  • Pick-up Parties at the winery for local club members

  • Monthly E-mail MRV Newsletter Membership

Enjoy exclusive ‘Case Club’ Membership when you purchase 2 or more cases a year! Case Club members enjoy the above benefits, plus:

  • 20% Discount on tasting room wine purchases, 25% Discount when you buy 6 bottles or more

  • Additional 15% off all monthly specials and existing discounts

  • Free Shipping in Virginia

Pick-Up Parties may include wine specials, cheese parings, perhaps a light lunch or entertainment. Your wine may be bagged, charged and ready to go when you arrive, if requested, but please stay and visit!

Earn valuable discounts with Referrals!  If you refer a person and/or their family to our Wine Club and they join, you will earn coupon worth 50% off one purchase!

Complimentary Wine Tastings and Private Tours will be scheduled by appointment.

Approximate Shipping and Pick-Up Dates:

  • March 1

  • July 15

  • November 1

*Shipping available in certain states, U.S. only. Visit our online ‘Store’ for details.