"What do you mean you can’t sell wine on Sunday?"

Sadly, this is true in Wise County.  You can, however, buy wine in each town on Sunday.  An outdated County Ordinance from the 1980s actively discriminates against the Winery, the Country Club and several convenience stores in the county, such as FasMart, by preventing the sale of beer or wine on Sunday. It is hard to imagine the years of lost revenue for these businesses and our county.

Sundays are the second largest sales day for farm wineries in Virginia.  As a small business, we obviously need additional retail sales to remain competitive and continue to be economically viable in the future. In addition, our tourists see the road signs and visit the winery each Sunday. They leave with a discouraged attitude about Wise County overall, after driving all those miles to find that we are the only winery in Virginia where they can’t buy wine on a Sunday.

 A 2017 Economic Impact Study revealed that wineries bring many tourists to Virginia and that these tourists do buy wine. In addition, for every dollar spent on wine sales, $1.45 will be spent in the community on gas, food, lodging, etc.  While visiting the wineries, they will also visit other businesses and venues, discovering what our part of the state has to offer. All local businesses need these sales and the tax dollars for local government growth.

We have requested the Wise County Board of Supervisors change this ordinance.  They will consider this request at their August 3, 2017 board meeting. We believe they will consider a motion to hold a referendum in November for change.

Please help support us! Tell your neighbors that wine is already available in every town and this ordinance is hurting business and tourism in our area. We invite you to write or call the board of supervisors to ask them to vote to move Wise County forward. Show your support at the August 3rd board meeting and be sure to show your support through editorials in the paper, and your vote this fall!

We look forward to the day when we too can offer wonderful Sunday Brunches, afternoon sunset wine tastings, weddings, picnics and other special events that encourage the success of all Virginia wineries. And when that day comes, we hope that you will join us!